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Reflections on the 2007 Japanese tour

Having not played a full band concert in Japan for 13 years, I did not know fully what to expect. I knew it was a new start and a new band but I was to be playing music I loved and believed in so that was most important. I also knew that GPS had to grow as band and this was our first but important venture into Japan.

We are a very passionate band and very pleased to be asked to play in Japan.
The first show in Osaka was at a small but friendly club called "CLAPPER". In fact this was Ryo's home town and our warm up concert. The crowd were very responsive and although it was a small club stage, it was great fun for us.

On the train ride back to Tokyo, we dissected the concert and decided the order of songs for the Tokyo concert. We liked the venue. However a couple of songs into the set, my bass amp packed up! I had to stop the band mid songs, something I had never done in 25 years on stage! I turned to Guthrie and Ryo and they started playing jazz and even the "Girl from Ipanema" and saved the day. Sadly later in the set I had to stop again due to my bass head being hit and changing my tuning.

This all sounds like a disaster, but amazingly it wasn't. ① it gave the crowd another 10 minutes addition to the set and ② it showed the depth of the guys I am honoured to play with.
As a band we had a great time, it was a great pleasure to play here again. I don't think I have ever played with better musicians and it is superb to be singing in a band where I am the original singer!

To Japanese Fans

On behalf of Jay, Guthrie and Ryo and myself, would like to thank all the people that came to our concerts. During technical problems, I have never know a crowd support the band so well with the enthusiasm for the "GPS JAZZ TRIO" section.

Also I would ask listeners of Rock/Prog Rock/Jazz Rock and Heavy metal to lend GPS an ear because they might find something they like. We love music profoundly and perhaps we can generate some emotion in you. This is our existence, our reason and our life.

Thank you for everything. See you soon.

John Payne






これは酷いことになってしまったように聞えるだろう、ところが驚くことにそうならなかったんだ。①このトラブルが観客に10分間の別セットをプレゼントすることになり ②結果として、これがまた私が誇りに思っているプレイヤー達の技量の素晴らしさを皆に見てもらう良い機会を与えることになった。



私は、ジェイ、ガスリー、リョウを代表し、コンサートに来てくれたたくさんの人たちに御礼を言いたいと思う。テクニカルの問題が発生してる間、皆は、あの「GPS JAZZ TRIO」のセクションを熱狂を持って受け入れてくれ、そして暖かくバンドをサポートしてくれようとした。あれほど素晴らしい観客に自分はかつて会ったことはない。




Picture from Osaka live show on 10.13. (Venue: Clapper)

Set List

1. The Objector
2. All My Life
3. Since You've Been Gone
4. Silent Nation
5. Heaven Can Wait
6. Window To The Soul
7. Taken Dreams
8. Keyboard Solo
9. Military Man (Acoustic)
10. The Logest Night(Acoustic)
11. Gold (Acoustic)
12. Written On The Wind (Acoustic)
13. Long Way From Home
14. Drum Solo
15. Only Time Will Tell
16. Heat Of The Moment
17. Encore : New Jerusalem
Picture from Osaka live show on 10.13. (Venue: Clapper)

Picture from Tokyo live show on 10.14. (Venue: Shibuya O-WEST)

Set list

1. The Objector
2. All My Life
3. Blue Bossa (Ryo, Guthrie, Jay)
4. The Girl from Ipanema (Ryo, Guthrie, Jay)
5. Since You've Been Gone
6. Heaven Can Wait
7. Window To The Soul
8. Taken Dreams
9. Keyboard Solo
10. Military Man (Acoustic)
11. Gold (Acoustic)
12. Written On The Wind (Acoustic)
13. Silent Nation
14. Long Way From Home
15. Drum Solo
16. Only Time Will Tell
17. Guitar Solo
18. Heat Of The Moment

19. Encore : New Jerusalem

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